About Karen

Karen Egren is a discerning curator, and stylist committed to helping each individual woman discover her own unique style. Karen understands the sexy allure of jewelry - the heady intoxication of glamour. Her collection of exquisite accessories brings out the unique beauty in every woman, from globetrotting bohemians to refined sophisticates.

Karen draws on her classic background in fine art and design and has a natural penchant for experimentation, juxtaposing timeless looks with unusual pieces for a creative edge. She combines her appreciation for different cultures with a sharp eye for design to take her clients on a unique journey. Karen blends shapes, colors and textures from an extraordinary collection of jewelry.

To shop with Karen is to consult your own exclusive stylist. Her discerning eye and eclectic taste combine with personal warmth to offer clients the ultimate experience in assembling the right look.

Karen draws her inspiration from the opportunity to enhance a woman's natural beauty. Let Karen help you curate your personal style for every mood.