Ambassador Magazine’s Red Seal Awards Reception

Every year Ambassador Magazine polls the “Best Of” in Detroit, and then announces its winners at a gala reception.

This year’s reception took place in the beautiful automobile showroom of Cauley Ferrari and was filled with models, artists, photographers, fashion directors, media personalities, automotive executives, and plenty of Detroit’s finest. It was so exciting, and I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to this fabulous and fun event.

The amazing thing about this event is that it effortlessly mixes such a diverse group of people and is a true representation of Ambassador’s devout readers.

Karen Egren, Dennis Archer, Jr., and Constantina

During the evening, I met both the publishers of the magazine;  Dennis Archer, Jr. and Denise Ilitch. I was thrilled that both commented on my jewelry collection and how pleased they were to have featured me and my collection in the recent issue of the magazine.  At some point during the hectic and crowded evening, my talent agent arranged a photo with both of us and Dennis.

I was also excited to meet so many of Detroit’s local media personalities and fashion directors. Chuck Bennett, who is the society writer for the Detroit News, Iris Perez who is a special features reporter for Fox 2 News, and Cheryl Hall who is the fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue- just to name a few.

Iris Perez, Karen Egren, and Constantina

Amongst the amazing music, great food, and endless cocktails for all to enjoy, I found myself answering questions about my jewelry collection to everyone I was introduced to. Such a gracious and wonderful audience, and such a wonderful evening!!

I’m looking forward to continuing to be a part of the Ambassador image and brand, and can’t wait for next year’s reception!

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